Looking at his paintings more closely, it is almost impossible to determine if his abstract parts of composition are, in fact, meticulously controlled  accidents or unpremeditated and unintentional. In experimenting with different materials and mixing oils and acrylics with industrial paints, marbling mediums, varnishes and solvents, nash brings about strange and unique patterns from their spontaneous reactions.

Armando Alemdar – Artist & Art Historian

Consciously I can’t calculate the result. But subconsciously I can sense it. This is a nice ‘between state’ … letting the things come rather than create  it.

Gerhard Richter (A Life In Painting)

Another interesting aspect of Nash’s art is the  unique way he constructs his images and incorporates them into his paintings. They posses almost unreal transparency that allows even the most delicate patterns of his backgrounds to come through. Done with great skill, they compel the viewer to ponder about the way that they were created (were they painted printed or transferred) and how were they incorporated into his paintings.

Armando Alemdar – Artist & Art Historian